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Kampong Tralach Green School was established in 2016 by local people, and it was officially registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 2017, under the name of the Organization of Kampong Tralach Green Seeds (KTGS). Green School is a charitable school that provides educational opportunities to children/youths from the whole community. Currently, there are more... Continue Reading →

Annual Meeting with Students’ Parents at Green School

On 18 December, the Kampong Tralach Green School administration conducted its annual meeting with students’ parents and started the enrollment of new students for the academic year 2023. This year's meeting witnessed an unprecedented number of students’ parents who were enthusiastically participating in the annual event of Green School as we discussed with them the... Continue Reading →

Annual Report 2019

The remarkable progress we made in 2019 has been made possible by the support of our generous donors, whose names should be mentioned as followings: -Karakin Foundation-Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic-Camille and Patrick McDowell-The Jahan and Jayavarman from Heritage Line Company -Santana Adventures’ passengers-Jean Claude Beau-Jim and Martha Crowley-Karen and Stephen Brooks, Kerry Doyle and... Continue Reading →


Along with providing educational opportunity to students, Green School always instructs and raise awareness amongst students about Environmental Protection and living in a clean community. We continuously advise students on how to properly dispose their garbage and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Planting trees and Gardening Besides education programs, our teachers and students plant trees, and... Continue Reading →

Years in Review: Green School Documentary 2022

https://youtu.be/nF_keEj2qFw The recently released documentary reflects on various activities of Green School and our achievements with testimonials from those who have gotten involved with us, including current and former students, staff, volunteers and parents. They beautifully express their life-changing experience with Green School. Essentially, the documentary also tells you about how a dedicated girl began... Continue Reading →

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