Drinking Water

The Drinking Water Project was set up in Green School with the support from Beth Ann Segal’s Family Foundation, USA. In October 2021, we installed a new machine that can produce 3,000 liters of drinking water per hour (3000l/hour). The machine was partly sponsored by Beth Ann Segal’s Family Foundation and some amount of the... Continue Reading →

Years in Review: Green School Documentary 2022

https://youtu.be/nF_keEj2qFw The recently released documentary reflects on various activities of Green School and our achievements with testimonials from those who have gotten involved with us, including current and former students, staff, volunteers and parents. They beautifully express their life-changing experience with Green School. Essentially, the documentary also tells you about how a dedicated girl began... Continue Reading →


In Green School, we set up a LIBRARY in 2017 to improve the reading of the students and people of the community. In the library, we have various kinds of Khmer books and English books (grammar, story and general knowledge) that students can easily choose to read. We have a librarian to guide students’ reading... Continue Reading →

English Classes

The primary function of Kampong Tralach Green School is to improve English proficiency among youth in the community. However, as the school has grown, a variety of programs have been put in place to meet the needs of the students and the community. Kampong Tralach Green Seeds provide 15 English Classes which are divided into... Continue Reading →

Computer Class

With financial support from Gary, Peter and their wives from Australia, we can buy ten computer desktops, one laptop and six UPSs for computer class. Meanwhile, they also covered the expenses of computer classes, including teacher salaries and maintenance in 2017-2018. We started computer courses on 20 June 2017 that focus on basic computer skills,... Continue Reading →

Volunteering in KTGS

KTGS is a countryside community development organization based in Kampong Tralach community, Cambodia. We are looking for volunteers who can give their time, skills and ideas to the project. We offer short term volunteer opportunities in Cambodia for anyone looking to give back to the community through a local NGO. This makes volunteering abroad easy,... Continue Reading →

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