Annual Report 2022

The year 2022 is both a successful year and a challenging year for Green School in thriving to realize our mission for educational community development. In terms of success, we are proud and grateful to inform you that Green School’s infrastructure continues to expand and be enhanced, with a nice library financed by Sangwan & Jean Claude Beau, a generous couple from Belgium, a beautiful computer classroom with the installation of ten new computer desktops, and coverage of the expenses of computer class for three years, 2023-2025, all financed by Camille and Patrick McDowell, a kind-hearted couple from the USA, and other upgrade and renovation of the school buildings. Moreover, in addition to the continuous success stories of our students, as reflected in the Documentary Video of KTGS 2022, we also developed a new KTGS website, the cost of which was covered by Lindblad Expeditions.

In terms of challenge, however, despite the notable increase in the number of students desiring to be enrolled in our school, we cannot afford to accept them all as new students for the year 2023. This is due to the lack of funds to support the operating budget (salaries for teachers and other expenses).

For further information, please grab our Annual Report 2022 provided below.

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