Donate to Green School KTGS

With your great help, Green School can run its projects and provide free education to more students in a more meaningful way. Contributions are always welcome, and you can donate if you so desire. You can directly donate to KTGS Bank Account or online via the KTGS website.

Your donation will make a greater positive change in the lives of children and give them a chance to learn.

And you can ask us how your donations are going to be used.

We are grateful for all your contributions and thank you for believing in our projects.

Donate via Green School Bank Account

If you would like to donate to Green School via wiring transfer (SWIFT MT 424) to KTGS’s account maintained with Advanced Bank of Asia Limited, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, below shall be the necessary information that is useful for the sender’s bank:

Beneficiary Bank : Advanced Bank of Asia Ltd.
Beneficiary’s Account No : 000378351
Beneficiary’s contact details : +85515408230

Donate via Partner

The Green School has secured a partnership with The SE Asia Foundation, an excellent, established and reputable 501c3 non-profit organization partner. The SE Asia Foundation has been working extensively in SE Asia since 2010 with a focus on bettering the lives of children and women. They are annual recipients of the Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency since 2019 with a very solid reputation.

If you wish to donate to the Green School, and your donation (US donors) is fully tax deductible, you can donate via our organization partner, SE Asia Foundation by going to their website at, and mentioning that “the donation is for the Green School”. 100 percent of the donation will go to the Green School.

Donate Online

Please choose a donation level or custom amount. Due to technical issues, we currently accept a maximum of $100 per transaction. If you wish to donate more than that, please make multiple transactions. We are sorry for the inconvenience.