Drinking Water

The Drinking Water Project was set up in Green School with the support from Beth Ann Segal’s Family Foundation, USA.

In October 2021, we installed a new machine that can produce 3,000 liters of drinking water per hour (3000l/hour). The machine was partly sponsored by Beth Ann Segal’s Family Foundation and some amount of the School’s budget.

Why do we set up the Drinking Water Project? The Drinking Water Project offers an economic opportunity for the people of the community. Moreover, we offer daily drinking water for students to drink when they come to school. In the process toward self-reliance and to support school projects, we sell drinking water at an appropriate price to people in the villages. And most importantly, the Drinking Water Project partly helps sustain the long-term process of Green School.

In the making of bottled water, we unavoidably use plastic bottles and other plastic materials. However, the disposed plastic can be sold to buyers for recycling.

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