Annual Meeting with Students’ Parents at Green School

On 18 December, the Kampong Tralach Green School administration conducted its annual meeting with students’ parents and started the enrollment of new students for the academic year 2023.

This year’s meeting witnessed an unprecedented number of students’ parents who were enthusiastically participating in the annual event of Green School as we discussed with them the progress of their children education.

Their cooperation reflects the true educational benefits their children have received from the School, whose role has been increasingly well-recognized in the Kampong Tralach community. As a result, they have a great interest in sending their kids to attend extra classes of English, Khmer, computer and vocational training, which are free of charge.

Established in 2016, Green School is the functioning organ of the Organization of Kampong Tralach Green Seeds (KTGS). Its mission is to provide free basic education to local children and youth, including young novices, to have equal opportunity to develop their capacity and necessary knowledge for their bright future.

Over the years, Green School has significantly changed the way the local children spend their free time as they have paid more attention to the improvement of their lives through proper education and enhanced skills.

Since its inception as a nonprofit, charitable organization, Green School has sustained its noble course for the betterment of the local community with support from various national and international donors. This is the testimony of the positive impacts our Green School has made on the lives of children in Kampong Tralach district and its surrounding communities.

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